Case Comment

Hill v.

citation(s): (1862), 45 E.R. 1195 per Lord Westbury

copyright 1997 Donald M. Cameron, Aird & Berlis




At p. 1195: **

The Decision

At p. XXX

"...the information as to the alleged invention given by the prior publication must, for the purposes of practical utility, be equal to that given by the subsequent patent. The invention must be shewn to have been before made known. Whatever, therefore, is essential to the invention must be read out of the prior publication. If specific details are necessary for the practical working and real utility of the alleged invention, they must be found substantially in the prior publication."

At p. XXX

"...the antecedent statement [publication] must be such that a person of ordinary knowledge of the subject would at once perceive, understand, and be able practically to apply the discovery without the necessity of making further experiments and gaining further information before the invention can be made useful. If something remains to be ascertained which is necessary for the useful application of the discovery, that affords sufficient room for another valid patent."


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